Tourism will increase during this summer 2016

The government of Palawan is optimistic about the number of tourist will arrive in Palawan this summer 2016 after that the Governor Jose Chavez Alvarez increased also the promotion of Palawan’s best destination!

Anyway during last year Palawan got a 25 % of foreign tourists, while the rest 75 % visits are from locals.

We also are promote well Palwan Island and our tours with our Palawan Official Website. So you can understand that our rule is very important on Palawan travel promotion!

Recently has been launched “Bantay Turista” , a program that give information as for the weather, dangers, culture and Palawan general informations.

Also the government launched the World’s Best Island Tourism and the Investment Expo, a two important event focused on the agribusiness, agricolture, infrastructures. As said Jose Chavez Alvarez need infrastructure projects to improve tourism.

So we wait you on Palawan Island

You Welcome!!!

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