Protection for Palawan’s protected areas – E-NIPAS

Can you image if forest trees and one of the most diverse flora and fauna species in the world will burnt into ashes to make space to palm oil plantations?!

It will be very drammatic!

What you will think if mouse deer, pheasant peacock, armadillo, mynah, blue naped parrot, bear cat will continue to diminish in number?!

The inferno that happened in Indonesia also could happen in Palawan and it will be catastrophic.

We can preserve palawan from this inferno being doubly vigilant and awake and running with doubly protecting Palawan’s protected areas from future damage.

To conserve Palawan also please share this facts on social as this feeling is now more discussed also on social media.

You know in Palawan we have 5 important protected areas as El Nido managed resource protected area, Malampaya sound protected landscape and seascape, Mt. mantalinggahan protected landscape, Puerto princesa subterranean river park and Rasa island wild sanctuary.

Also El Nido has been rated as World’s best island 2015 and 2015, while Malampaya Sound is the richest fishing ground in Philippines! Mount Mantalinggahan is the home of indigenous Palawans and one of most important bird area. Puerto Princesa’s subterranean park is a UNESCO World heritage Site and Rasa Island is the home of cockatoo with only 1000 remain.

If we can expand the Nipas Law, we can ensure more protection to the environment and to the protected areas in the Philippines.

These 5 important protected areas are so the subject of debate in the proposed bill amending the law on the protected areas system of the Philippines.

In accorde with the Senator Loren Legarda, the measure to protect Palawan will ensure the sustainable use of natural resources and cultural diversity and the E-Nipas will give penalites on violators and also imprisonment.

The House of Representatives version not include 5 of Palawan’s protected areas as Palawan governor and PCSD said that SEP law is enough to protect these 5 important sites.

At the end of the session, five Palawan Protected Areas were restored in the original list and R. A. 7611 (Strategic Environmental Palawan) was made consistent with the new E-Nipas.


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