Coron Tour: Calis Island Hopping Tour

Duration: 8 hoursLocation: Coron
PHP 1,043/person

The Coron Calis Island Hopping Tour offers 6 Stunning Destinations to be visited and enjoyed, and includes Boat Transfers, Tour Guide, All Entrance Fees, Drinks and Snacks and a Buffet Lunch.

This tour is ideal for both snorkeling enthusiasts and also amateurs who are excited to view some of the best snorkeling waters in their world.  Guests should bring/hire their own Snorkeling Equipment as it is not included in this tour rate. 

** Equipment can be hired at the Tour ‘jump-off’ point for 150PHP

On the Calis Tour you will visit the following Inlets and Islands:-


  • Siete Pecados
  • Barracuda Lake
  • Atwayan Beach
  • Sunset Lagoon
  • Coral Garden
  • Skeleton Wreck


Siete Pecados translates as ‘Seven Sins’ and relates to the Seven Islands in the area. Local Legend has it that seven sisters defied their mother and went swimming.  The seven sisters all drowned but were forgiven for their defiance, and due to their mothers love and grief, were transformed in to seven beautiful islands.  This area features a hard coral floor and an abundance of beautiful marine life and fish.

Barracuda Lake is so-named after a legendary Barracuda that once lived in its waters.  Accessing Barracuda Lake requires a short climb of 25 meters up a rocky wall, which finishes at the waters edge. Sturdy sandals are required.  The lake is layered by salt and fresh water, which is an unusual feature and it is surrounded by high cliff walls covered in foliage, giving a prehistoric feel to it

Barracuda Lake Coron, Coron Tour Calis,

Barracuda Lake: Photo Courtesy of Tourist Spots Finder

Atwayan Beach, also known as Ataayan or Katuayan, got its name from a particular type of shell, the Tuay, which could be found all over the beach. Atwayan beach is a cover with a small island in front and is ideal for children who wish to swim and paddle as it rarely has a current.  This beach offers one of the longest beaches in Coron.

Sunset Lagoon is said to be one of the romantics places in Coron, and offers beautiful views at Sunset

Sunset Lagoon Coron, Coron Tour Calis

Coral Garden, which is close to Atwayan Beach is a Coral Reef and home to a wide variety of exotic fishes and colourful corals.

Skeleton Wreck is a small island located just across from Atwayan Beach and features a really nice coral reef, as well as a small shipwreck.  Whilst it has only a very small beach area it is noted for having the finest white sand amongst all of Coron’s Island beaches.

Where your booking includes Children who are younger than 6 years, please just book for the adults and advise us of the child/children in the Travellers Request Box on the 2nd page of the Booking Form.

Children who are between 6-9 years of age will be charged at half adult rate.

Children who are 10 years of age and above are considered adults for booking purposes and should be booked as an adult


The sample itinerary is subject to change in terms of the order in which islands are visited, to accommodate weather and tidal conditions.

Pick-up is approximately 8.30am with a Departure time for the return journey of 17.00pm.

Visits will be made to the following islands, unless there are unforeseen circumstances which prevent this:-

On the Calis Island Hopping Tour you will visit the following Inlets and Islands:-

  • Siete Pecados
  • Barracuda Lake
  • Atwayan Beach
  • Sunset Lagoon
  • Coral Garden
  • Skeleton Wreck


Participant Guidelines

Snorkeling Equipment is not included in the rates but can be hired at around 150PHP per person

Guests are encouraged to bring:-

  • Sun hat and sunscreen
  • Towel and/or sarong
  • Mosquito repellant
  • sturdy slippers or swimming shoes
  • Wet bag for phone or camera
  • change of clothes
  • snorkeling gear (or hire on arrival at jump-off point)

Children policy

Children who are 5 years of age, and under are free

Children who are between 6-9 years of age will be at half adult rate

Children who are 10 years and above will be considered adults for the purposes of booking and should be booked as adults.
The Tour Operator Reserves the right to request proof of age of, and additional payment for, children who appear to be older than the age they have been booked under

Cancellation Policy:

All tour bookings cancelled prior to 30 days from the date of the tour are refundable subject to the applicable cancellation fee of 20% administrative and service charge.

All tour bookings cancelled within 30 days from the date of tour are non-refundable, but may be rebooked to a later date, subject to availability of scheduled tours on the later date.

HOW TO BOOK: after you clicked on book now button, will open new window, on this window select CORON TOURS mask at top 

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